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Abu Dhabi, a city with many incentives

Abu Dhabi, the island in the southeast of the Persian Gulf literally translated as “father of the gazelles” is the richest Saudi Arabian emirate of all and the second most populous in the country. The sumptuousness and luxury shine on their own, and not only due to being the seat of the UAE royal family, but because of its character as a cosmopolitan city and the epicentre of the political life of one of the richest countries in the world (ahead of Switzerland, according to the World Bank estimate in 2015).

The incentives offered by this city to celebrate corporate events are almost unparalleled in the Middle East. It is for this reason Memorable Events recommends surrendering to the favours of this epicentre of Emirati sumptuousness as a motif for your professional events, given the multiculturalism, services and symbolic motifs that it brings together. No wonder it is home to the most important multinational companies and financial institutions in the world.


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