Benefits and Advantages of MICE Tourism

The word MICE Is an acronym in English for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions. We can define it as business tourism, tourism for meetings, congresses and exhibitions. The origin of this term goes back to Thomas Cook when, in 1841, he organised the transportation of a group of 540 people who were going to the annual congress of the Anti-Alcohol Association.

Since then, this type of business tourism has grown considerably, and it encompasses the provision of services related to food, hospitality, along with event-related services.

The sector is currently on the rise, since the streamlining of this type of tourism has a positive impact on the economy of the host country.

The Importance of Business Tourism:

Business tourism offers many benefits to its participants; it stimulates the economy, promotes local development, and through this touristic activity, travellers to get to visit the most beautiful places. 

Imagine that you are an employee in a pharmaceutical company, participating in a large convention on the Costa Blanca, where you can meet the most renowned scientists and the best professionals in the sector..

In addition to great professional knowledge, this business trip will also provide you with great personal experiences upon visiting Costa Blanca, a place that charms travellers with its extensive leisure activities and beautiful beaches.

Business tourism provides memorable experiences, and encourages MICE tourists to return to the region they got to know through Corporate Events for personal travel.

The MICE sector is important, because:

* It directly benefits the entrepreneurs in the tourism sector.

* It boosts the local economy.

* It benefits the chosen city through economic growth, and also gives greater touristic prominence to the city.

* It creates new jobs, such as the professionals hired to host the event.

* It benefits professionals such as taxi drivers, hoteliers, small business owners, and boosts cultural tourism. Travellers visiting the city go to places such as galleries, museums, shows, theatres, etc.


The Socio-Economic Impact of Business Tourism

According to a study by the The Ostelea School of Tourism and Hospitality on Business Tourism in our country, Spain is the fourth most popular country in the world for international congresses.

That business tourism ranking can be better expressed with the figure of € 5,200 million, which was the economic contribution that Corporate Events made to our country in 2015, having received a total of 4.84 million tourists for business purposes that year. 

Understandably, large centres such as Madrid and Barcelona welcome and promote more business tourism-related events than others in Spain, but it is important to note that Valencia is the city that occupies the third place, ahead of important business centres such as Zurich and Milan. Valencia has good facilities and infrastructure to host major national and international business tourism events.

International Business Tourism Fair: IMEX 2017 Frankfurt

IMEX 2017, which took place in Frankfurt, Germany, on May 16, 2017, is a great example of an event promoting business tourism. It is a fair that focuses on incentive tourism, businesses, conventions, events, where innovations in the sector were introduced, an event which the best companies and professionals of the sector were eager to attend. 

At IMEX 2017, various meetings were held, bringing together professionals in tourism and marketing. IMEX is considered a leader in the world for meetings, marketing for events, and incentive trips.

This year’s IMEX had 3,500 exhibitors from more than 150 countries in attendance, introducing their products and services to the visitors.


Team Building, a focal point for the professionals attending the event, is a great way for the development and improvement of professionals in business tourism, which also is the objective of the IBTM World fair that will be held in Barcelona this year, on ​​November 28-30, 2017.

Business tourism is extremely important with regard to improving the qualifications of the professionals who attend these events. The attendees also get the opportunity to visit different places, thus improving and boosting the statistics for tourism and the local economy.


The MICE sector provides benefits for all people and professionals involved, whether they are taxi drivers, hoteliers, small business owners, etc. The economy gets a boost, and our country gets visited by an increasing number of tourists, who can acquire and improve their professional skills in a country with impressive cultural wealth such as Spain.

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