Corporate events as brand identity

Corporate events are excellent, highly-effective tools for internal and external communication as they can boost sales and corporate activity as well as build interpersonal relationships.

Companies typically plan and carry out events as part of a market strategy for the launch of a new product or service, the aim being to promote it while connecting with its target market. These kinds of activities are extremely beneficial for both the company and the product in question, owing to the fact that they strengthen corporate identity.

The strategy behind corporate event has a crucial role to play in achieving our goal:

1. The choice of theme is critical, because 50% are guaranteed successes. The theme should grab people’s attention and there should be an image to provide a visual description. Keep in mind that you must be very broad and open in order to hold the event in other cities or at other strategic points.

2. The setting for the event should be in a central location with easy access and parking. The setting should be pleasant, spacious and comfortable. Both the sound system and the display must be in perfect working condition.

3. Initially, we need a database where we can select the profile of the company and the person we want to invite.

4. The design and preparation of the digital announcement should fit with the theme and corporate image of the company.

5. Publish the event information on the company website of the company and include a payment gateway if there is a charge.

6. Planning and preparing automated emails.

7. Circulation via various forms of media and on social networks. Here, do prior research to identify which medium is most appropriate given our target.

8. Preparation and reception of the event, with the documentation that must be given to attendees.

9. The catering should be attractive and flawless, because contacts with potential customers are made over food.

Moreover, any corporate event is an opportunity to promote team building given that it is a participatory activity with greater complicity and encourages cooperation and team spirit. In most cases, the event will take place away from the working environment so that employees can be much more at ease and interact with their colleagues in a relaxed way.

Recently, there has been a boom in MICE ‘tourism, which includes business tourism, incentives and conferences and primarily involves important leaders in the fields of science, technology, finance and trade.

Ten countries leading the way in this sector

  • 12.80%

    United States

  • 6.75%


  • 6.48%

    United Kingdom

  • 6.41%


  • 4.09%


  • 3.90%


  • 3.30%


  • 3.26%


  • 3.13%


  • 2.62%


Incentive Travel, or business travel, is a reward within a recognition programme. It is an incentive used by the company as a work tool to motivate employees or business associates with the aim of increasing corporate profits while also encouraging loyalty and higher levels of commitment to the company.

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