Negotiation techniques: basic tips

Negotiation techniques enable you to close a deal successfully. You have to inspire confidence in a negotiation. Therefore, seek visual contact with the partner and take care of your body language, as communication is also projected on a nonverbal level. The negotiation begins even before the meeting with the other person. For example, it’s very important that youset an initial goal, as this goal will be your purpose and direction to follow throughout the whole negotiation.

In order to effectively negotiate, it’s also very important that you practice active listening, since information is the power for making decisions in a negotiation or to propose a counteroffer. To effectively negotiate, not only is it important to focus on the current situation, but also on the potentiality of it.

Negotiation techniques for achieving your goals

If you want to establish a lasting relationship with the other party in the negotiation, then evaluate the possibility of reaching an agreement by applying the “I win-you win” technique, this to say, make a proposal that may be of interest to both parties.

To keep yourself focused on the level of negotiation it’s very important that you constantly separate between two different levels: at factual level and people level. Stay connected to the level of the negotiation itself, trying not to make anything personal about it.

If you want to stay firm on a particular point of the negotiation, you can use the scratched disc technique. This means to repeat your main idea, but expressed in different words to show your conviction.

What’s more, to encourage dialogue in the context of the negotiation you can also summarize what the person has said, paraphrasing their main ideas. From the communication point of view, remember that what you say is just as important as the tone in which you say it. Therefore, express your message firmly without raising the tone.

To carry out a successful negotiation it is essential that you explain what your expectations are and that you also know the other party’s interests in the negotiation. You also have to maintain a flexible attitude, since it’s very possible that you will have to agree on an alternative plan to the one you had first envisioned.

However, it is vital that you keep in mind that not everything is negotiable. This is to say that before starting the negotiation you have to specify those points that are immovable for you. This will give you strength during the process.

It is also essential in a negotiation to respect the moments of silence as a space to think, but also as a means of showing that you maintain control of the situation without feeling nervous about it. Have the patience to make continuous decisions on the negotiation level, which will bring you closer to the initial goal that you had previously marked.

Be natural in the negotiation process. Focus on the positive aspects of this experience, the main pillars of which are active listening and the ability to make alternative proposals so that an open door in the assertive dialogue with the other person is always maintained. Try not to prolong the negotiation time for longer than desired, since the longer the agreement is delayed, the more likely there is to be some kind of weakness during the process.
The timing in closing a deal is one of the most important factors. Address the other person by name and specify the point agreed in a positive tone.

In short, these are various negotiation techniques that will help you achieve success in your goals.

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